Romanian Food To Try When Traveling In Romania

Romania is a beautiful country found at the crossroads of Central and Southeastern Europe. It has a climate that is both temperate and continental and with four distinct seasons, having been located on the southeastern part of the European continent. Accordingly, the seasons here have a general influence in the food offered. During summer and autumn, markets are filled with fresh veggies and fruits harvested from the local farms. Romanian food is known for its diversity, having been influenced by Balkan traditions as well as customs of countries like Germany, Hungary, Turkey, Russia, and those countries of the Near East.

Beekeeping, one of the traditional occupations here, has brought about the Romanian traditional food called sarmale. Sarmele is basically mincemeat wrapped in cabbage leaves or vine leaves. Stew made with different chicken and pork in addition to various vegetables are very popular in restaurants. One of the favorites among Romanians is the tripe soup served with garlic or hot chili pepper and vinegar. It is common to find dishes made with pork or any type of meat for a dish without any meaty ingredient is it is considered very poor. Pig is traditionally a part of every Christmas table during the holidays while pork fat is staple in cooking. Carnati, a dish made with pork liver and intestines is also a favorite. More meat favorites include the followng: frigarui (skewered meat), limba cu masline (cow tongue with olives), mitite (grilled mince meat rolls, and snitel (chicken cutlet). There are also traditional dishes made with veggies despite the fact the meat is a must-have in every dish, such as as ardei umpluti (stuffed peppers), ghiveci (mixed fried vegetables), and oua umplute (filled eggs). Potatoes are also served often. At home, polenta or bread of the peasant is present in every meal. Breakfast contains mainly of eggs, whether fried, soft-boiled, or omellettes.

Romanian food recipes are not complete without soups, especially during winter. There is the popular bean soup in winter and then there is also tarator, a cold soup made in summer. Chicken soup, beef, and vegetable soup are also popular choices. When it comes to desserts, traditional desserts in Romania include crepes with various fillings and toppings such as fruits or cherry streudel. Other favorites include baklava (a sweet layered pastry), sponge cake padispan, gingerbread, and rice pudding. Wine is an enjoyable treat for Romanians although its most popular drink is made of plums, apples, or peaches called tuica. Despite its fruity flavor, it has a taste as strong as whiskey.

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