Ţuică Fiartă (Hot Ţuică)

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Preparation Time:  5 minutes
Cooking Time:  5 minutes
Course: lunch/snacks

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servings: 4-6





1 c


240 ml





1. Pour Ţuică into a small pot. Add the peppercorns.

2. Heat slowly over a low flame. Do not allow the Ţuică to boil.

3. Serve as soon as Ţuică is hot (or warm, depending how you like it). You may add or reduce peppercorns according to taste.


Notes: This common winter drink will clean out or chase away any chance of a cold. Enjoyed across Romania, Ţuică Fiertă can be made in numerous ways.


Variations: Some Romanians baulk at the idea that pepper should belong in Ţuică Fierta. That’s because it is not done that way in every region. Depending who’s in the kitchen, you may also find different colored peppercorns used – beware, white or red peppercorns tend to be stronger so fewer may be needed. There is also a sweeter version of Ţuică Fierta that is made in the southwest villages of Romania. To make Ţuică Fieartă from Banat use 1 c Ţuică, sugar to taste, and ½ tsp vanilla sugar (optional). Begin by browning the sugar*, then add Ţuică to the pot and return the pot to the flame. The sugar will begin to dissolve. If desired, to make a sweeter, more soothing drink, add vanilla sugar to your cup. Serve hot.

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