Chicken Broth / Bors de pui

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Preparation Time:  30 minutes
Cooking Time:  120 minutes
Course: lunch/snacks

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servings: 6-10





2 lbs

Chicken legs

1 kg


Onions (large)



Carrots (large)


1 bunch


1 bunch




To taste


To taste


1.  Rinse the chicken legs.  Place them in a large pot with water and heat over a medium-high flame. Once the water boils, reduce heat and simmer.

2.  Rinse and peel onions and carrots.

3.  Add onions, carrots and tarragon to pot (no need to chop).

4.  Add the peppercorns and salt.

5.  If pot is no longer boiling, increase heat to a boil. Then, reduce the flame to a low heat and cook covered for 30 min.

6.  After 30 minutes, remove the chicken legs from the pot.  Cut off meat and reserve for another recipe.

7.  Return bones to pot and simmer for another 1 ½ hours, repeatedly removing any foam or scum that accumulates on the surface.

8.  Once the broth is ready, strain the liquid into a large bowl.  Discard the bones and other solids.

9.  Cool the stock and refrigerate. Store for up to a week.

10.   Skim off any fat that solidifies on the surface of the broth just before use.

11.   Use the broth as directed in your favorite recipe.


Notes: This recipe takes a while to make, but most of the time is just letting the broth cook on its own.  You can easily do other things while it is cooking.  It’s easy to make broth during the weekend, then you have it on hand to use in a variety of recipes all week.


Variations: If you don’t have, or don’t care for tarragon, use what ever herbs or spices you prefer. Whole garlic cloves are also a nice addition.


Substitutions: Chicken legs/1 whole chicken.

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