Mulled Cider

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Preparation Time:  20 minutes
Cooking Time:  100 minutes
Course: lunch/snacks

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servings: 4-6





1 qt

Apple juice

1 L

¼ c


60 ml

3 – 4

Cinnamon sticks

3 – 4


Cloves (whole – optional)



Fresh orange



1. In a medium-sized pot, add the apple juice and heat the juice over a low flame.

2. Add the sugar, cinnamon sticks and cloves to the juice.  

3. Once the juice has warmed a bit, add thick slices from a fresh orange.

4. Stir gently – be sure sugar has dissolved.

5. Cover and allow the cider to warm up. However, do not let the cider come to a boil.

6. Serve hot. The sugar, orange and spice amounts can be adjusted according to your tastes.


Notes: This recipe tastes best when allowed to heat, or mull, slowly over a longer period of time.


Variations: You can vary the spices to suit your taste. You can also make mulled orange juice – which is very tasty. Simply use orange juice in this recipe instead of apple juice.


Substitutions: White sugar/Brown Sugar/Honey.

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