Oatmeal / Fulgi de ovaz

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Preparation Time:  3 minutes
Cooking Time:  10 minutes
Course: breakfast

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servings: 1





1 c


240 ml

½ c


60 g




To taste

Raisins (optional)

To taste

â…› - ¼ tsp

Cinnamon (optional)

0.3 – 0.6 g

1 Tbs

Honey (optional)

1 Tbs


1. Bring milk and salt to a low boil in a small sauce pan.

2. Stir in oats. Stir frequently and cook 5-10 minutes, or until oats are soft and most of the liquid is absorbed.

3. If using, add raisins, cinnamon and honey. Serve hot.


Notes: If you are using instant oats (they will look small and very flakey or papery rather than large and hearty) you will only need to cook the oatmeal for about a minute. The less processed your oats, the longer you should cook them.


Variations:  You can use milk or water (or a combination – half and half is nice) depending upon your taste and diet. If you desire a creamer taste, serve with whole milk or cream. Add just about anything you want in the fruit or nut department, dried or raw.  You can add vanilla, honey or flavored syrups, chocolate pieces etc.

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