Caramel Frosting / Glazura caramel

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Preparation Time:  10 minutes
Cooking Time:  15 minutes
Course: desserts

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servings: 6-10





¾ c


170 g

1 ½ c

Brown sugar

330 g

¼ c


60 ml

As needed

Ice water

As needed

1 ½ c

Powdered sugar

180 g

1 tsp


1 tsp


1.  Melt the butter in a medium-sized saucepan over a low flame. Add the brown sugar to the pan and stir until smooth.

2.  Bring the sugar mixture to a boil while constantly stirring. The pan should still be over the low flame as to boil slowly. Boil for 1 minute and remove the pan from the heat.

3.  Slowly add the milk and mix well. Return the pan to the low flame.

4.  Heat the sugar mixture until it begins to boil. Quickly remove the pan from the heat. Place the pan in a dish with very cold or ice water. Stir the sugar mixture until it gradually cools to a lukewarm temperature.

5.  Begin to slowly add the powdered sugar, beating or whipping it into the sugar mixture. It will not clump if you add it in slowly, one spoonful at a time.

6.  Remove the mixture from the cold water. Beat the frosting at a high speed or whip the frosting until it begins to hold shape.

7.  Add the vanilla and continue to beat the frosting until it reaches the desired consistency.                                                       

Notes: This frosting is great for any sort of cake such as the Rich Yellow Cake* or Chec de Cacao (Chocolate Cake)**. If you use white sugar instead of brown, you won’t get quite the same caramel flavor. If you can find the Romanian style brown sugar (the coarse kind) this will be better than regular white sugar.


Variations: Add coconut or chocolate chunks after the frosting has cooled.


Substitutions: Brown sugar/White sugar. Milk/Smântână Dulce (sweet cream).


References: *See the Rich Yellow Cake recipe. **See the Chec de Cacao (Chocolate Cake) recipe.

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